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Conflict Minerals


Policy on responsible global supply chain of minerals and metals from conflict-affected and high risk areas (“Conflict Minerals”)

Trond T. Wikant as is a supplier of synthetic diamond supermaterials and metals for use in a wide variety of products and technologies.

Trond T. Wikant as is committed to conducting its business, through its employees and directors, in compliance with applicable laws and overall in an honest and ethical manner.  We believe that a commitment to honesty, ethics and integrity is an essential foundation that builds trust with customers, business partners and the community at large in which it operates.

We have accordingly adopted a set of policies to ensure our activities are conducted in line with the above principles.

Considering the human rights and other risks that may be connected to the extraction, trading, handling and exporting of minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas, and our commitment to support and contribute to the respect of human rights and ethics in business, we adopt this specific policy on responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas and commits to submit it to our suppliers to serve as a common reference for conflict-sensitive sourcing practices and to promote risk awareness.  We have based this policy on the currently existing OECD Guidelines on the matter.

We do not wish to take part in any action that contributes to the financing of conflict and subscribes to the relevant United Nations sanctions resolutions or, where applicable, the domestic laws implementing such resolutions.

If we identify a reasonable risk that a supplier is sourcing from, or linked to, a party committing serious abuses in respect of Conflict Minerals, we will suspend or discontinue our relation with such supplier.

We request that our suppliers comply with this policy when extracting, sourcing, transporting, trading, handling or exporting minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. We are willing, in accordance with our position in the supply chain, to engage with suppliers, central or local governmental authorities, international organizations, civil society and affected third parties, as appropriate, to improve and track performance with a view to prevent or mitigate risks.